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We are pleased to introduce ourselves as M/s SARJAN ENTERPRISE as one of leading mfg. of Inductive Proximity Switch, Photoelectric Sensor, Capacitive Proximity Switch and other as the brand name of AUTOMAX . Automax Sensor solution can be found wherever processes have been optimized and improved.

Automax, as one of the India’s leading providers of sensor systems for automation, safety technology and others. Automax has comprehensive application know how from virtually all industrial branches and is, therefore, able to provide perfect solutions for all branches of industry.

The success of our customers all over the India clearly demonstrates that the quality and long service life of AUTOMAX sensors gets global standard. This is the result of consistent quality management in development, production, distribution and service. Since the concept of quality has long been a central element of AUTOMAX company philosophy, each and every employee feels responsible for making their own personal contribution to maintaining the high level of product quality.

Ph. No.: +91-79-65225606, Mo. No.: 9898065606 Fax.: +91-79-2749 6420
Email : info@automaxsensors.com, sarjanenterprise2004@gmail.com
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